Precision Wire EDM Machining Services

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), also known as wire cutting or spark machining, is a precise machining service that utilizes an electrical current discharge and a thin, single-strand metal wire, typically coated or made of brass, submerged in a tank of deionized water. This cutting-edge technology employs CNC programming to guide the wire through a specified pattern, enabling it to cut through extremely hard or thick materials efficiently.

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What is Wire Electric Discharge Machining?

Ideal for flat metal parts that demand exceptional precision, wire EDM excels at achieving tight tolerances. It is also a go-to method for producing tooling and dies required for various manufacturing processes. Notably, wire EDM applies only to materials that exhibit electrical conductivity.

Liquid Dielectric Electrode Submersion

The electrodes are submerged in a liquid dielectric, typically deionized water, which does not conduct electricity. The dielectric flushes away the particles cut off by the wire, preventing them from adhering to the wire while acting as a coolant.

RDL Machine Wire EDM Machining Services

By leveraging the power of our wire EDM machining, you can ensure the creation of intricate designs with utmost accuracy, surpassing commonly accepted tolerances of +/- 0.0002” (0.005mm). Understanding the process and its capabilities empowers our designers and toolmakers to make informed decisions, influencing design outcomes and cost considerations.

We operate the Sodick ALN600G machine, a rigid linear motor-driven machine that achieves ideal linear performance for ultimate quality machining.

EDM Machining Secondary Services

In addition, we offer secondary machining services, including heat treatment, surface grinding, and more, to save you time and ensure your components are of the highest quality.

What Are The Benefits of Wire EDM Machining?

High Tolerances and Precision

Because wire EDM is so precise and does not exert force on the parts it cuts, it can achieve high tolerances and accurate dimensions and fits. Wire EDM can hold tolerances of better than +/- 0.0001” regardless of material composition and thickness.

Complex Designs

Due to the wire’s precision, wire EDM can achieve highly complex designs easily, including extremely narrow slots or holes.


The wire can be inclined, meaning parts can be tapered or have variations in the top and bottom pieces of the material. In addition, the possible inclination of the wire allows for the creation of very fine holes.

Prevents Alterations

Due to the lack of direct contact between the wire and the material, delicate and thin sections or soft materials can be machined without alteration. In addition to removing particles, the liquid dielectric acts as a coolant, which prevents the material from overheating and warping.

What Are The Applications of Wire EDM Machining?

The precise nature of wire EDM machining is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Die sinking
  • Calibrating tools
  • Shaping tools and templates
  • Creating holes
  • Manufacturing hard electrodes
  • Repairing worn dies

EDM machining is ideal for many applications across various industries.

Industries Served

Wire EDM-manufactured parts are regularly used for industrial applications throughout the world. With our specialized technology and the ability to cut through almost anything, RDL Machine Inc. can service many industries with EDM machining, which include:

  • Medical devices
  • Aerospace elements
  • Military equipment
  • Automotive parts

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