Expert CNC Machining & Manufacturing Services

Founded in 2003 in a backyard garage, RDL Machine has grown from a one-machine shop into a multifarious, full-service, ISO 9001-certified industry. We offer a range of CNC machining, metal fabrication and component manufacturing capabilities to meet our consumer’s needs, varying from prototype to volume production. We have embraced a lean culture, meaning we strive to reduce waste, standardize processes, and improve efficiency and productivity. Our 5-axis machining centers and full suite of customization capabilities allow us to form mission-critical components with fast turnaround times.

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Aluminum Machined Parts

ISO 9001-Certified Machining Services

We are proud to say that we have attained our ISO9001 certification to further support our commitment to precision and quality assurance. With our temperature-controlled inspection room, including programmable CMM inspection, and quality-control experts, satisfaction is a guarantee when it comes to quality custom parts.


RDL Machine CNC Machining Capabilities

We utilize innovative CNC machining equipment and experienced machinists to create complex parts at high repeatability. Our expertise in CNC machining stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and tool steel alloys ensures precise machining for diverse project needs. Our highly skilled machinists utilize advanced CNC machining equipment and software to form mission-critical parts to your exact specifications for low and high-volume orders.

Advanced CNC Machining Solutions

We maintain a competitive focus with our various services, attention to detail, and motivation to invest in advanced, first-rate technologies that facilitate improved turnaround speeds and production efficiency. Our most recent additions include a trotec laser, 3d printer and a 5-axis water jet. These technologies, coupled with our late-model, multi-axis CNC machines, can create complex parts; a single machine can perform both mill and lathe tasks.

Additionally, we utilize our temperature-controlled inspection room with CMM measurement devices to ensure our quality-controlled processes meet your standards.


Metal Fabrication Services Customized to Your Needs

To provide optimal precision parts and customer service, RDL Machine offers specific skills to meet a variety of needs. Our in-house capabilities allow us to monitor the quality of a component from prototype to production while saving you time and reducing costs typically spent on outsourced fabrication processes. Services include but are not limited to:

RDL Machine Inc. Value Added Services

RDL Machine offers in-house secondary services to reduce time spent machining individual parts for application-specific requirements. Our advanced machining equipment allows us to perform high-volume secondary services in-house to save time and ensure that your components are of the highest quality. Frequently requested services include:

We Are Here To Serve YOU

At RDL Machine, our goal is to build strong, long-lasting customer relationships. Customer satisfaction is a top priority; we will partner with you to provide cost effective solutions that will successfully meet your needs in a timely manner. RDL Machine is your one-stop source for custom CNC machining, welding, or specialized needs.

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RDL Machine Has Solutions for Multiple Industries

Our highly skilled programmers and machinists collaborate to combine elements of mechanical design, blueprints, and mathematics to yield products that meet precise specifications.  We have experience creating single-item, mission-critical parts and large quantities of machined components that require CNC repeatability to meet fast turnaround times. Some industries served include:

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