Metal Manufacturing For Multiple Industries

CNC Machining For Medical, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Job Shops and More

At RDL Machine Inc., we have experience working closely with OEMs to form high-performance components that meet industry standards. As an ISO 9001 and AS9100D certified manufacturer, we understand the imperative to create mission-critical metal parts, components and assemblies that comply with stringent industry regulations. Our skilled machinists can create single-item or high-volume components from a variety of materials under fast turnaround times. Our extensive service offering allows us to create parts for virtually any industry.

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Industries Served

Medical Devices

We have experience creating implantable medical devices designed to be placed inside the human body, orthopedic implants and surgical instruments from various materials. We have worked with hospitals, surgical centers and dental offices to create intricate components made to industry standards. 

Oil and Gas

Our machinists understand that oil and gas field equipment must be able to operate in difficult environments. We work with a variety of corrosion-resistant, hard-to-machine metals to create components for oil and gas manufacturers and can fill quick turn orders to accommodate for market changes.


We have manufactured aircraft engine propellors and additional components for several sections of the aerospace industry, including:

  • OEMs
  • MROS
  • UAVs
  • Component Designers
  • Space Manufacturers


With a full suite of in-house machining capabilities, we can fill high-volume orders of valves, shafts, joints, housings and additional parts from high-strength alloys. Our finishing options and secondary services allow us to create high-performance prototypes.

Job Shops

We utilize state-of-the-art computer programming software and 4 & 5-Axis CNC machining to create simple to complex components for any job shop application.

Machining Capabilities

Our skilled programmers and machinists can take a component from design to production while inspecting parts at every stage of the manufacturing process. Our primary services include:Machining Capabilities For All Industries

Why Choose RDL Machine?

As an industry-leading machine shop of over 20 years, RDL Machine has the experience needed to provide quality and cost-effective machining for virtually any requirement. Our ISO 90001 certified processes, CMM measuring technology and extensive quality assurance procedures ensure we produce accurate, high-quality components that can’t be matched by our competitors. Our 4-axis machining capabilities5-axis machining capabilities and innovative programming software allow us to design your projects precisely and efficiently.

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