CNC Vertical Machining Services

At RDL Machine, we utilize CNC vertical machining for high precision and production needs. With the vertical mill, the spindle is vertically oriented; orientation refers to the axis of rotation. The cutting tool held within the spindle rotates, and when placed against the material, removes pieces of the material. This technology is especially helpful for, but not limited to, projects being worked on a single side or as finishing operations and end work on a product. Our facility has both 3-axis and 4-axis vertical machining center that all operate on Mastercam programming systems which enable us to machine parts precisely and efficiently.

Full-Service CNC Machining

RDL Machine offers full-service CNC machining of various materials to meet specific needs for your project. Our CNC mills can hold critical dimensions and extremely tight tolerances to further ensure exact specifications are met. From prototyping to mass production, our milling services can be tailored to match your requirements with attention to detail, quality and accuracy being a fundamental component of service.

Our Machinery

  • NXV 1020A
  • NXV 1680A

4-Axis Machining Capabilities 

A 4-axis CNC machine is capable of machining a variety of products and parts, including those with complex geometries and curved surfaces. Here are some examples of products that can be machined with a 4-axis CNC machine:

  • Aerospace components: Parts for aircraft engines, landing gear, and other aircraft components
  • Automotive components: Parts for cars, trucks, and other vehicles, such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, and transmission components 
  • Medical components: Medical implants, prosthetics, and surgical instruments 
  • Industrial parts: Various types of industrial parts, such as gears, bearings, shafts, and valves 
  • Prototyping: 4-axis CNC machines are also commonly used for rapid prototyping of products and parts, allowing engineers and designers to quickly iterate on designs and test their functionality.

Start Your 4-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Project Today

Work with the innovative aerospace experts at RDL Machine for your next 4-axis CNC machining project. Our vast superalloy expertise along with our aerospace industry knowledge have made us a trusted manufacturer for high-performance complex aerospace components. Contact Us for your 4-axis milling needs with us today.