Precision 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Services

A waterjet is a machine used for cutting a variety of materials by using two types of cutting methods; abrasive or pure cutting. Pure cutting uses clean water and a strong jet of that water (at high velocity) directed onto the material to obtain a precise cut; this method is better for softer materials such as rubber and wood. Abrasive cutting is used for harder, more dense materials such as metal, stone and glass, and uses a combination of water and an abrasive substance.

RDL Machine Waterjet Capabilities & Features

Here at RDL Machine, we operate a 5th axis waterjet; the additional two axes (A and C axes) combined with the traditional X, Y, and Z axes permit for perpendicular and rotational movement. The revolutionary technology of a 5th axis waterjet can cut with any level of complexity required and to a variety of depths. In other words, our machine allows for increased versatility and therefore the capability to produce an extreme level of precision, custom parts.

Advantages of 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting

  •  Versatile
    • can cut through nearly any material, as well as multi-layered materials which allows for the production of more in less time.
  •  Cold cutting process
    • no heat is applied to the material being cut; the material is protected against exposure to high temperatures which have the possibility of altering the physical structure of the material
    • allows for perfectly smooth edges and therefore no additional time for deburring
  •  Cost-effective and less maintenance
    • The parts created by this method are cut from sheet or plate material
    • No special devices (clamps, fixtures, tool exchangers, etc) are needed
    • Shorter set up and production times
  •  Environmentally friendly and safe
    • This cutting method does not create chemical waste or hazardous material

Starting Your 5-Axis Waterjet Project with RDL Machine

Our machining specialists can work with standard and hard-to-machine metals to create complex machined components under tight deadlines. We have experience creating machined parts for aerospace, oil and gas, medical companies and additional industries requiring high-quality, accurate components. With our CNC Turning, CNC-5 Axis Machining, CNC 4 Axis Machining centers and Metal Fabrication Capabilities, we are confident that we can create custom, cost-effective metal components.

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