5-Axis CNC Machining Services

With the addition of 2 axes compared to the traditional 3-axis machine, 5-Axis machining can simultaneously generate complex-tool paths to create 3D projects in one step. At RDL Machine Inc., we leverage our CNC machining expertise and state-of-the-art 5-axis, YCM FX380A 5-Face Vertical Machining Center to create mission-critical components with unmatched efficiency and accuracy. As an ISO9001: 2015 & AS9100D certified manufacturer, we have experience CNC machining high-performance parts to meet even the most stringent application and industry requirements. Our CNC machining software and equipment enable us to machine components out of virtually any material.

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What Is the Difference Between 3-Axis and 5-Axis CNC?

The difference between 3-Axis and 5-Axis CNC machining lies in their capabilities and the level of precision they offer. 5-axis CNC machining is considered the pinnacle of computer numerical control technology, revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape. Unlike 3-axis machines that control the machine tool along the X, Y, and Z linear axes, 5-axis machining adds two additional axes of rotation. This advanced technique allows for the creation of uniquely shaped parts with unparalleled precision.

One key advantage of 5-axis CNC machining is its ability to perform complete inspections for size analysis of materials through 5-axis positioning machining. This comprehensive analysis contributes to the production of more accurate components, meeting the highest quality standards.

In contrast to traditional 3-axis and 4-axis machining options, 5-axis machining offers unmatched versatility. By machining a component from three axes simultaneously, complex part production becomes achievable, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced production time.

5-Axis Machining Advantages

  • Enhanced Precision: 5-axis YCM FX380A 5-Face Vertical Machining Center utilizes advanced software
  • Boost Productivity: Machine features without the physical handling of the part in one set up
  • Improved Quality: Reduce tool length and increase rigidity to obtain superior machining quality
  • Added Longevity: Cutting with the belly and edge of the tool to increase tool life
  • Ensured Accuracy: Reduce fixture error and lessen workpiece loading/uploading time
  • Cost Effective: Saves manufacturing fixture and electrode costs

YCM FX380A 5-Axis Machining Center Capabilities

The high-performance YCM FX 380A 5-axis vertical machining center is designed especially for small, complex, high-quality parts. From roughing to finishing, the FX380A enables manufacturers to reduce setup time and overall lead-time while increasing machining quality and improving precision. The YCM FX380A features an extra wide column and base design to ensure the best support and cutting rigidity. The linear guideways were adopted for fast and smooth axial movement, while pre-tensioned ball screws with direct drive motors achieve high torque and low backlash. The spindle oil cooling design ensures prolonged high-speed operations.

5-Axis CNC Machining Industries & Applications

As an ISO9001: 2015 & AS9100D certified manufacturer, RDL Machine has been trusted with government and defense contracts for more than a decade. We are capable of creating performance-built components for a variety of industries, including Oil and Gas, Military & Defense, Automotive & Medical. Popular applications include:

CNC Machining Applications

  • Aircraft Engine Propellors
  • Orthopedic Implants
  • Hydraulic Actuators
  • Fuel Injection Components
  • Shafts
  • Solenoids & More

Precision CNC Machining From Hard Metal Machined Parts

At RDL Machine, we have a team of highly skilled machinists who recognize the importance of producing machined components that are lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion and other environmental factors. We have the expertise to machine parts using a variety of challenging materials, including stainless steel, copper, nickel, aluminum, titanium, plastics, and brass alloys.

Whether you require intricate components made from stainless steel or lightweight parts from aluminum, our machinists have the knowledge and experience to deliver high-quality results. We understand the unique properties of each material and employ precise machining techniques to ensure the final product meets your specific requirements for strength, durability, and performance. 

Why Choose RDL Machine For 5-Axis Machining Services

As an industry-leading machine shop of over 20 years, RDL Machine has the experience needed to provide quality and cost-effective machining for virtually any requirement. Our ISO 90001 certified processes, CMM measuring technology and extensive quality assurance procedures ensure we produce accurate, high-quality components that can’t be matched by our competitors. Our CNC Turning, 4-axis machining capabilitiesWire EDM MachiningCustom Capabilities and innovative programming software allow us to design your projects precisely and efficiently.

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